As a fulltime-working parent, you may feel like you’re not around enough to see your own child grow up. You want to be there for him/her, but it’s not like you can quit your job and spend more quality time with your kid. You want to keep in touch as much as you can, even when you aren’t around.

Grandparents and other family members that don’t live around the corner may feel the same way. Not being able to spend time with your little grandchild, niece or nephew regularly isn’t something you’re happy about. So you try to be there for the little one.

Of course there’s Skype and you could simply call, but what if you just want to send little sweet messages and simultaneously have some sort of playtime with your kid/grandchild/etc.?

The developers of Toymail Co. came up with the answer. They’ve created mailmen, which are little toys that deliver ‘toymail’. All the loved ones of children with a mailman can download the Toymail App, you can use to record a message and send it straight from your cell phone to the toy (using Wifi). The mailman-toy makes a noise (typical to the mailman you’ve chosen) when it receives a new message. The child can listen to it and immediately reply. So it’s not just a talking toy, it’s a two-way conversation toy.

Toymail keeps you connected and if you run out of things to say, that’s not a problem. Sign up to the Daily Toy Mailer and your kid’s mailman will deliver morning greetings, jokes, fun facts, news, stories or songs every day!

Nowadays, we don’t have as many fulltime mothers (or fathers) and not all families live close to each other.  Our ways are changing and Toymail is one of the products that meets our new needs. We work a lot and move away from our families, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to keep in touch. And with little children, it should be in a playful way. Therefore today’s lifestyle is lucky to welcome Toymail as a helping hand. Or should I say voice?



Tweeting Bra


It seems odd when you don’t know what it’s about. Why would you want your bra to tweet every time you take it off? Well, the answer to that question is simple: to remind yourself.

Designed by OgilvyOne Athens, this bra tweets automatically when you unhook. It’s a part of Nestle Fitness’s new campaign. They want to increase the awareness for breast cancer among women and let them know the importance of checking yourself. That’s what the tweet reminds you of.  When you unhook your tweeting bra, a special mechanism sends a signal to a smartphone, which sends this signal to a server that generates it and sends a tweet.

Using social media as a reminder to check up on your health could prove to be a good way to prevent you from serious physical problems. You know what they say: prevention is better than cure.


Frameri: match your glasses to your outfit

Accessories make or break your outfit. Therefore we have several, so we can choose the best match for each outfit. For most people without perfect eyesight, one accessory can’t be matched to every other outfit: their glasses. That would be too expensive for most of us. But this problem can be over! Today’s rapidly changing fashion needs a new concept, something that gives us the opportunity to match our glasses to our outfits, to our style that changes every day. We don’t want to have to wear the same frame for 2 years because prescription lenses are expensive and we only change the frame when we need a different prescription.

Today, our prayers have been answered. Behold: the Frameri. A team of six developers, dreamers and engineers came up with glasses you only have to buy one set of prescription lenses for. You can pop the glasses in and out of different handmade frames. This way you can choose several frames you like and you’re capable of matching your glasses, your main accessory, to your outfit. Now we can look and be looked at in style.


Kinetic Sand: For your indoor sandpit

ZAND-623x328Not everyone has the luxury of a garden, or wants one. That doesn’t mean their kids don’t love to play with sand every once in a while. And even if you do have a sandpit in your backyard, what about when it rains? You don’t let your children play outside when it’s pouring do you?

No worries, there’s an indoor solution: Kinetic sand. This special sand has been treated with a kind of wax, which causes the sands to stick together. It’s firm enough to built sandcastles, but when you put some pressure on it, it falls apart again. The kinetic sand doesn’t dry out and doesn’t scatter, so it’s ideal for indoor use.

And it’s not only fun for your children; think about the possibilities for yourself! Don’t you love the feeling of your feet in the sand at the beach? With this kinetic sand you can spend your lazy Sunday at your personal indoor beach. Just play some summer music, sit down in a relaxing beach chair and read a book while sipping a sunny cocktail. Life is good…


I could eat a horse

EindbeoordelingLF_Kimberly Baecke

Quantity is one of the most difficult things to do right when you’re cooking. Especially when you’re cooking spaghetti. Nobody knows how many ‘spaghetti’s’ they should eat. But struggle no longer! Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson comes to the rescue. Feel the weight fall of your chest as you discover the ‘I could eat a horse’ spaghetti measuring tool.

Stefán has developed this funny aid to measure the right amount of spaghetti for children, males, females and a whole household. It’s fun and easy as well as healthy because you eat the right amount of spaghetti. A tool that comes in handy.

You can buy one online at the Reykjavik Corner Store.


Let’s have lunch in a Victorian urinal! …Wait…What?!

Attendant-sandwich-bar-5Yes, it does sound like something with a bad aftertaste, but it’s actually a trendy place to grab a good cup of coffee and a sandwich. In London, sandwich bar/café Attendant is situated in a Victorian urinal. The urinal had been abandoned for over 50 years before partners Peter Tomlinson and Ben Russel remodeled it. And of course the main project included a very thorough cleaning.

Some before and after pictures show that they did a great job transforming the quirky space into a stylish, functional and clean café. It has become an interesting place worth visiting when you’re in the neighbourhood. The odd background and simple styling make Attendant stand out, which is necessary in a plentiful market.

Attendant-sandwich-bar-4 Attendant-sandwich-bar-8After:
Attendant-sandwich-bar-1 Attendant-sandwich-bar-7 Attendant-sandwich-bar-2



Paravelo: Aim for the sky!

Ever thought about purchasing a hybrid bicycle-trailer-flying machine, but couldn’t find one? Then you might want to take a look at the Kickstarter project called Paravelo. They’ve connected a modified folding bicycle to a powered parachute assembly and the result certainly looks like fun.
Powered paragliders aren’t new. They’ve actually been around for a while, proving themselves to be easy and safe to take to the air. It’s not a great tool for recreational flying because they aren’t very fast or great for high wind conditions, but that doesn’t change the high fun-factor.
Imagine yourself taking the Parvelo camping (or, as the creators put it, Flamping), just pedal over the environment, inhaling its beauty. And you don’t have to worry about being stuck somewhere due to bad weather, because the machine fits in the trunk of your car.
To me it seems like a great product for vacations. Not per se going on vacations with them, but renting them for a few hours or so at your holiday location.  If they make different versions, for example with safe kid-chairs on them, they’d probably be high in demand.



Barbie: Unreachable Beauty Ideals


What if I told you that photoshopping every picture in magazines wasn’t the first unreachable beauty ideal shown to us. We have been infected with unrealistic fairness way earlier. By whom you ask? What has gotten into our heads and killed our appreciation for natural beauty? Well… I don’t want to ruin all those close relationships between many little girls and her best friend, but Barbie’s the one. She has the body all those innocent children want to have when they grow op, but it’s very unlikely they will.

Nickolay-Lamm-Barbie-2Nickolay Lamm, artist and researcher from Pittsburgh, created a 3D model of the average 19-year-old woman and laced it beside a Barbie doll to show us how unrealistic this ideal is. He photographed the 3D model next to a real Barbie Doll and used Photoshop to make her look like a Barbie. And, even though she looks pretty different from the actual Barbie, the realistic Barbie doesn’t look bad at al. So why wouldn’t we use the realistic proportions for Barbie from now on and let our little princesses grow up with healthy beauty ideals? Wouldn’t that make their teenage lives a lot more pleasant?


Hammock Bath


Can’t choose whether you want to go and chill in your hammock or in your bathtub? Your dilemma is over! Designed by Splinter Works, I present you the hanging bathtub Vessel, made of ultra light and ultra strong carbon.

In our stress society, one of our main goals is to relax to the maximum in our scarce spare time. Two of the things that stand for ultimate relaxation have to be lying in a hammock and taking a hot bath. And due to Splinter Works, you don’t have to choose. You can do both at the same time!

So gather your towel and bathing oils, and fill the Vessel. Put on some relaxing sunny music and slide in the hammock-tub. Just pretend you’re on a sunny beach and relax to the fullest.



Office Box


Flexworking becomes more and more common. Working wherever you want wherever you want can increase the productivity, creativity and quality of the work.
Normally, flexworkers bring their work (which exists mostly of a laptop and smartphone) anywhere they want, but Scottish designer Tyrone Stoddart thought it should be even more flexible. Why only bring your work, when you can also bring your office with you?

He came up with ‘Boxed’. This is a mobile office you can quickly put together. You just carry the accessory wooden suitcase, in which all the parts are ready to be put together any place and time you want. Flexworking to its fullest.